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History of St. Mary of Assumption Church

Photos courtesy of Phil Hrvatin and Karen Nemec
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Father John Kumse

April 1, 1987 - Present

Our current pastor, Father John Kumse, took over on April 1, 1987 and has worked tirelessly and diligently to revive parish and community spirit, as well as to pay off all debts of the church. The church debts were paid in full in 2008 with a celebration of all parishioners. His guidance and leadership have brought renewed energy to the parish and a thriving church community focused on the needs of its parishioners.


at St. Mary's Church
  • Reverend Mark Pakiz of Sodrazica, 1905-1908
  • Reverend Andrej Smrekar of Kneza, 1908-1913
  • Reverend Paul Hribar of Zgornji Tuhinj, 1913-1917
  • Reverend Joseph Skur of Prosnik, 1917-1922
  • Reverend Vitus Hribar of Zgornji Tuhinj, 1922-1952
  • Reverend Mitthias Jager of Ljubljana, 1952-1967
  • Reverend Victor Tomc of Cleveland, 1967-1987
  • Reverend John Kumse of Barberton, 1987-Present

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Easter Greeting 2020

The heart of our Christian Faith is the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Without rising from the dead, our faith in Jesus of Nazareth as truly Son of God and Son of Man would be empty. But Christ is truly risen! Indeed, He is risen and to those in the grave and to those who still live in this world, he has given life.

The Effects Of Corona Virus on Parish Life

As you know, all public Masses and devotions are cancelled until after Easter. However, we will be live-streaming Sunday Mass. Please keep in mind that we still need the financial support of our parishioners, so we encourage you to mail in your envelopes at regular intervals. The church will be open for prayer by the parking lot entrance near the priest’s sacristy only.

Church Pew and Floor Renovation

We kindly ask our parishioners to help with the expenses for the work being done. A donation of $200 per family would be greatly appreciated.

Are you ready, St. Mary – Cleveland?

Together, we can change the faces of despair, loneliness, darkness, and addiction into FACES OF HOPE through your support of the Annual Appeal Being a witness to the #FacesofHope around us reminds us that, THOUGH WE ARE MANY, WE ARE ONE IN CHRIST. Your financial gift will provide essential programs and services to people throughout all eight counties […]

Sacrament of Confirmation

SACRAMENT OF CONFIRMATION will be celebrated in our parish in September. If you will be in 8th grade in September of this year or older, including adults who have not yet been confirmed, please contact Fr. Kumse at 216- 761-7740 if you will be part of this year’s Confirmation Preparation beginning toward the end of March.

Prešernov dan – An Evening of culture

The month of February is the month of Culture in the Slovenian Community, highlighting the Slovenian National Poet, France Prešeren. St. Mary’s will host an Evening of Culture on Sunday, February 9th at 6:00 p.m. in the parish hall. Members of our own Cleveland Community will perform.